Unconventional Oil & Gas Operators with the following job titles:

SVPs, VPs, Directors, Managers, Team Leaders, Specialists of:

  • Media Relations
  • Communications
  • Public Affairs
  • External Affairs
  • External Relations
  • Public Relations
  • Stakeholder Relations
  • Community Relations
  • Corporate Affairs
  • External Communications
  • Brand
  • Crisis Management
  • Government Relations
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Crisis Communications
  • Press Relations
  • Social Media
  • Corporate Communications
  • General Counsel
  • Staff Attorney
  • Legal Affairs


  • PR Firms Specializing in Oil & Gas
  • Social Media Technology Companies
  • Social Media Consultants
  • Oil & Gas Consultants
  • Media Services For Oil & Gas
  • Oil & Gas Law Firms
  • Environmental Law Firms

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Please find below a link to our Unconventional Oil & Gas series, where you can obtain a list of our current events in this sector:


Encana Oil & Gas

"I thought the conference was great.  It was very well organized and I felt the content was superb"


O&G Series

To ensure the sustainability of unconventional oil & gas production and protect the industry from instrusive regulations, it is vital that ...

… E&P companies develop the right tools and strategies to devise an effective, media, stakeholder, community and public engagement plan to overcome concern over hydraulic fracturing.

Because of this, the Media & Stakeholder Relations: Hydraulic Fracturing Initiative 2011, will bring together directors from leading E&P companies across North America, as well as representatives from the key industry associations, to share strategies, best practice, and case studies on the most effective ways of communicating with all stakeholders, through traditional and emerging media platforms.

This is the only event designed specifically for communications professionals in the unconventional oil and gas industry.  It will bring together speakers from the major E&P companies to discuss putting up a united industry front, looking at leveraging the internet and social media to more effectively reach a larger audience of stakeholders and the public, provide case studies of successful strategies from grass-roots community level up to mass media and governmental regulation, and will offer practical, commercial solutions to drive forward the industry’s position.
Key topics of focus at the event will include:

HYDRAULIC FRACTURING MEDIA RELATIONS STRATEGY: Understanding how unconventional oil & gas operators have successfully developed a comprehensive media relations strategy to engage stakeholders and educate the public

LEVERAGING  SOCIAL MEDIA AS A COMMUNICATIONS TOOL: Explaining how to use social media as an efficacious tool for educating and engaging stakeholders, providing case studies of the most advanced social media programs in the industry

ENGAGING COMMUNITIES: Evaluating strategies for gaining trust in communities proximal to hydraulic fracturing operations & translating grass roots support into wider public acceptance, providing case studies of re-building communities after an event.

WORKING TOGETHER AS AN INDUSTRY: Developing industry-wide initiatives to put up a united front and provide a clear and unified message to engage organized NGOs and advance the industry’s position in a hostile media environment

EMPLOYEE ADVOCACY: Formulating strategies to educate employees and encourage them to be brand ambassadors to resonate a proud and positive company image

ENGAGING WITH ENVIRONMENTAL NGOs: Understanding NGO’s strategies and discussing best practice to productively combat NGOs across media platforms